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Stroud National Bank


Online Banking FAQs

Q: What is Online Banking?

A: Online Banking allows our customers free, secure, and convenient access to their accounts using the Internet anytime, anywhere. Some of the functions available with Online Banking are: Access and print information on all accounts including loans. Review and print transactions and history. Confirm deposits, withdrawals and cleared checks. Transfer funds between accounts and make loan payments. Pay bills automatically.

Q: Do I have to register to use Online Banking?

A : Yes. You may enroll in person at any one of our locations.

Q: What do I need to access Online Banking?

A: To use our Online Banking system, you will need a connection to the Internet and a Web Browser that supports 128-bit SSL encryption. Netscape Navigator 4.5 (or higher) or Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 (or higher) both support this type of encryption.

Q: How secure is Online Banking?

A: State-of-the-art technology is used to keep your information secure. All sensitive and personal information is encrypted, and access requires passwords that only you know. In addition, your account numbers, social security numbers, and tax ID numbers are never displayed on the Online Banking system. However, if you feel your information has been jeopardized in any way, please contact your local branch immediately.

Q: Do I have the ability to change my password?

A: You can change your password and login as often as you choose. On your internet banking page choose the "OPTIONS" tab and follow the directions. You will also be prompted and required to change your password once every 90 days.

Q: Who can use Online Banking?

A: Anyone who is a Stroud National Bank customer may sign up for and have access to their accounts through our Online Banking.

Q: Can business customers use Online Banking?

A: Yes. The same great features of our Online Banking are available to our business customers. The person applying for Online Banking must be an authorized signor of the business account.

Q: How much does Online Banking cost?

A: Online Banking is a FREE service for Stroud National Bank customers, but there is a fee of $5.95 per month associated with the Bill Pay service.

Q: I'm having trouble accessing Online Banking. What should I do?

A: If you're having problems accessing Online Banking, check to see if you can access other web sites. If you cannot, contact your Internet Service Provider. If you can access other web sites but can't access Online Banking, the system is either off-line or we're experiencing a temporary disruption of service. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact us.

Q: Can I change my ID?

A: Yes, you can. To change your Online Banking ID to a name or number that's easier to remember, log on to Online Banking choose Options and then under personal ID, put in a new ID.

Q: What do I do if I forget my Online Banking PIN?

A: If you've forgotten your  Online Banking PIN, please contact us.

Q: Why doesn't my Online Banking PIN work?

A: There could be several reasons. You may be entering the wrong PIN. You could also be locked out of Online Banking. You are allowed three log-in attempts. On the third attempt, if invalid, you are locked out of Online Banking. In addition, if you have not logged in to Online Banking in the past 90 days, you will be locked out of the system. If you get locked out, please contact us.

Q: On a normal business day, how late can I make a funds transfer?

A: All transfers requested before 4:00 pm CST/CDT will be processed that day. Any transfers after that time will be honored the next business day.

Q: How do I add or delete accounts to my existing Online Banking relationship?

A: You may use the Secure Contact Form feature in online banking to contact a Customer Service Representative. You must be an authorized signer on the account to make changes.

Q: How much history can I see Online?

A: You will be able to access three months of history. The history file will begin to build from the date that you sign up for Online Banking.

Q: What if I get an error message?

A: If you get an error message, please make a note of the message, the error number, and the time, and please contact us.

Q: What does the download feature do?

A: The download option allows you to download your transactions and/or payment schedule (Bill Pay users) into spreadsheet or word processing programs, or Microsoft Money.

Q: What should I do if I think someone has my access codes?

A: Contact us at 918-968-2545 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm CST/CDT and ask for a Online Banking Service Representative. You will need your unique ID code for prompt assistance.

Q: Do I need to have "Cookies" enabled to use Online Banking?

A: Yes, your browser must accept "Cookies" to utilize this service.

Q: What happens if I don't log off of the system?

A: Our Online Banking has a 10 minute time-out feature. If you are logged in for 10 consecutive minutes without using Online Banking, you will have to log in again to resume banking.

Bill Payment FAQs

Q: What is Bill Pay?

A: Bill Pay is an online bill payment system that allows our customers to send an electronic or check remittance to any business/person within the United States.

Q: How do I add the optional Bill Payment service if I did not select it when I applied for  Online Banking?

A: You can apply for the Bill Payment services through our enroll now form. Select the Account Maintenance feature. You may also sign up at any bank location. You must be an authorized signer on the account.

Q: How many days in advance should I schedule my payment?

A: You should allow time for your payments to process. For a payment made by check, you should allow 5-7 business days. For an electronic payment, you should allow 2-4 business days.

Q: What if I do not have enough money in my account for the payments I have scheduled?

A: If the payment was made by check, your bank will treat bill payment items just like any other check you write.
If the bill payment was setup for electronic transmittal, the payment will not be made.

Q: How do I know if a payee is electronic or check?

A: When you are setting up a new payee you must enter the payee name (don't enter the state). This will automatically search to see if the payee accepts electronic payments, if not it will automatically produce a check. Once you have set up the payee, you can look at the VIEW PAYEES screen, and you will see a field that will tell you if the payee accepts electronic or check payments.

Q: Who can I pay with Bill Payment?

A: You can pay anyone in the United States, from your next-door neighbor, to the utility company, to a child in college across the country. The only restriction is that you cannot pay any state or federal government agencies, or court directed payments.

Q: How late in the day can I enter, edit, or delete a payment?

A: You may add payments up to 11:30 pm on the day the payment is to be sent. You may edit or delete a recurring payment until midnight on the day before the payment is to be sent.

Q: How far in advance can I schedule payments?

A: You may schedule payments up to 90 days in advance of the first due date.

Q: On the Bill Payment History page, what does the 'Status' field indicate?

A: PENDING: The payment has been processed, but not yet sent.
PROCESSED: The payment has been processed and sent.
HOLD: The payment has a research request on it. This usually means the payment is incomplete, but can be processed when the issue is resolved.

Q: Can I edit payee addresses?

A: No. You will have to set them up as a new payee with the correct address and delete the old payee record.

Q: Can I have multiple payments to the same payee on the same day?

A: You can make multiple payments to the same payee as long as the payment amounts are different. For your protection, the system will not pay duplicate items of the same amount on the same day.

Q: Confirmation Numbers - Are These Important?

A: Yes. A confirmation number will be assigned to each Electronic Bill Payment at the time you submit your request. The same confirmation number is also used each time you instruct us to amend or delete a previously scheduled Electronic Bill Payment. You may record these confirmation numbers for future reference if you wish. For your convenience, Electronic Bill Payment Confirmation Numbers for scheduled payments are found in the menu option for "View Payment Schedule" so you are not required to write them down. They will help us resolve any questions and expedite any request you may have about your Electronic Bill Payment transactions.

Q: When I pay a bill, when does the money come out of my account?

A: If the payee is in the Electronic Payee database, the funds come out of your account the day your payment is made. If the payee is paid by check, the funds will come from your account the day the check clears the bank - just as if you'd written it from your checkbook.

Q: Do I need to re-enter payee information each month?

A: Only if the payee information changes. The payee information will remain in Online Banking until you delete it. The only thing you'll have to change each month is the amount you want to pay and the date you want the bill paid.

Q: Who do I contact if I have a problem with Bill Pay?

A: If you have a problem with Bill Pay, please contact us.

Mobile Banking FAQs

Q: What is Mobile Banking?

A: As a user, you can access most of the functionality available in Online Banking via your Internet banking application.
Access your account information, i.e. Checking, Savings, CD's, and more.
Transfer funds between accounts.
Pay Bills
Find our Locations.

Q: What are the security features of Mobile Banking?

A: We simply optimize your Internet Banking experience for use on a mobile device. All of the security currently in place with your Internet Banking solution remains intact. In effect, you are merely accessing your accounts on your Internet Banking Application via a mobile device browser. User credentials are identical as you are connecting to the same site. We use 128-bit encryption to protect your data as it travels to your mobile device.

Q: How do I contact SNB if I have a Mobile Banking problem?

A: The best way to contact us with a Mobile Banking issue is by phone at our corporate office.
Stroud National Bank
P.O. Box 450
Stroud, OK 74079

Q: What is SNB doing to ensure a positive Mobile Banking experience?

A: We work hard to build strong relationships with people. That's why we take the time to listen so we can help you find answers to your financial needs. We work to make banking more convenient for you at our locations and online. We're your hometown bank!

Q: What else do I need to know about Mobile Banking? 

A: Your cell phone or mobile device must be equipped to access an Internet browser.
Additional charges may apply for Internet usage depending on your wireless carrier.
Please consult your wireless provider/carrier for details on correlated rates and charges.
All terms and conditions applicable to online banking may apply to Mobile Banking.

Q: How do I get Mobile Banking?

A: Mobile Banking works best on Apple and Android devices. Simply go to the App Store on your device, download the Stroud National Bank app and log in using your Online Banking log-in ID and password.