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Online Banking Features

Online Banking

Enjoy the freedom of conducting secure online banking from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection. Enroll Now!

View Account Balances

You can view your current account balance and your available balance. Your available balance is your current balance plus/minus any pending credits and/or debits. Your available balance also includes any Bounce Protection amounts.

Send and receive secure messages to and from Stroud National Bank

Our Secure Contact Form gives you the freedom to safely send and receive messages to/from Stroud National Bank. Unlike regular email, messages sent through our Secure Contact Form are 128-bit encrypted. 128-bit encryption is the highest level of encryption in use today.  

Transfer Funds Between Online Accounts

You can quickly transfer money to and from your online accounts. There is no online transfer fee.

Make a Stroud National Bank Loan Payment

You can transfer your loan payment with a few simple steps. There is no online transfer fee. Loan payments to other institutions can be completed utilizing Bill Pay.

View and Print Account History

You will be able to access up to three months of history. The history file will begin to build from the date that you sign up for Online Banking.

Set up alerts and balance watches on online accounts

Keeping up with your account balance is easy with balance alerts. You can set a threshold alert to advise you when your account balance goes above or below an amount you specify. The system will automatically e-mail you. You can also have an e-mail sent to you when a specified check number clears your account. Balance Alerts is a free service.

Reorder Checks

Running low on checks? Now, you can reorder your checks online.

Download your account into Microsoft Money, or as a text file or as a spreadsheet

You have the ability to download your account into Microsoft Money, or as a text file or spreadsheet. This added feature will allow you to keep track of all your purchases in financial software and help reconcile your checkbook.

Place Stop Payment on Checks

With the stop payment feature, you can stop a check as long as it has not been paid. The regular stop payment fee will be assessed to your account for each stop payment placed.

Create Alerts

Create your own alerts for a variety of events, including check clearings, receipt of ACH credits or debits, to inform you when your balance falls below or exceeds a determined amount, or when specified dates arrive.

View our current deposit interest rates

Do you have money to invest or a CD coming up for renewal?  Now you can check online and see what rates are available.

Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay Service - (Checking accounts only). There is a fee of $5.95 per month for Bill Pay Service.
Imagine paying bills with a “click” - no checks, stamps, envelopes or post office visits. Paying bills electronically with your computer is a convenient and time saving way to get the job done!
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Pay Any Person or Business in the USA

Within Bill Pay, you can select a payee from the list provided or create your own payee. This allows you to pay anyone from utilities to your landlord. You cannot pay government agencies, or court ordered payments through Bill Pay.

Make Variable Payments (like your utilities or credit cards)

Bill Pay stores your payee information in a personal database system. This allows you to pay your variable payments on a month-to-month basis without losing any of your payee information.

Set Up Recurring Payments (like your mortgage or car payment)

Bill Pay stores your payee information in a personal database system. This allows you to set up payments on a recurring basis so you do not have to enter the payments every month.

Track Payment History Online

Bill Pay keeps a database up to one year on any payment you have made through the system. You can look up any payment by date or payee.
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